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the benefits of cupping point

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cupping point is generally to reduce the disturbance of the organs and nerves at the -cupping on a disturbance, largely because of the advantages of blood or blood disorders dirty or both. Cupping points favored the Prophet, saying: Cupping on two jugular vein: * Prevent headaches. * Prevent pain in the face. * Prevention of toothache. * Prevention of ear pain. * Prevent pain and nose. * Prevention of throat pain. cupping on neck / cervix: Prevention of blood pressure in the neck. * Coping with blindness. * Overcoming bump on the eye. * Coping with a feeling of heaviness in the eyebrows and eyelids. * Coping with other eye diseases. * Treat leprosy. * Treat various diseases. Narrated by Bukhori and Muslims that: "The Prophet never used hijamah (bruise) on the three parts of the body, the top of the spine and the two jugular vein." Cupping on the forehead: * Treat headaches. * Treat pain in the face. * Treat ear pain. * Treat sore nose. * Treat sore throat. cupping the shoulder: * Treat the disease in the shoulder. * Treat pain in the neck. Narrated in Shohih Bukhori and Muslim from Ibn `Abbas, that Prophet Muhammad had done cupping 3 times in 2 temples and pundaknya. bruise on the hip: * Eliminate aches, stiff. * Eliminates fatigue. In Sunan Abu Dawud mentioned from hadist Jabir that the Prophet had to do cupping at the top of hip-weary weary because of illness which he suffered. other parts of the body can be cupping suitable place Penalty for non-prohibited area-cupping. Should our once a month-cupping? If we want to be free from the interference of dirty blood caused disease or as an act of care and our vigilance against the disease, it is very good cupping done once a month. And so the body we are healthy again, it is better every day we drink herbal capsules Antitoxin Plus or other herb related to the removal of toxins (poisons) from the body. by: Mother Fedi and Fadey

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